Apple iPhone 4G ... Maybe?

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Shortly after pics of the supposed new iPhone hit the web, the phone did too. Gizmodo found a disguised iPhone 4G in a California bar this weekend, and after taking it apart, determined that the new iPhone has not only a front-facing camera, but also a larger battery and a flash for the camera. Apple has also changed the design of the back, si it is more square than previous models. For those looking to buy a new iPhone, your best bet may be to wait until the new 4G iPhone hits stores in June.

In addition to refreshing the iPhone, Apple is also taking a stab at the concert industry. The company recently patented a new technology that would turn an iPhone into a concert ticket. Apple's plans seem to call for e-tickets, as well as a new ticket outlet that would be part of the iTunes store. Linking a ticket store through iTunes could only revolutionize the way we purchase and attend events, while cementing the iTunes store as the number one destination for all entertainment needs.

While you'll have to wait a couple more months for the 4G iPhone, the
new 3G iPad is expected to begin shipping May 7th. The iPad version which communicates via AT&T's data network, whose release date was pushed back by production issues, will be available in three different memory sizes, for between $629-$829. The update to the store assures people who pre-ordered the device will receive it during the first week of May. However, the news did not touch on whether or not production delays involving the manufacturing of touchscreens for the iPad would delay future versions of the tablet.

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