Apple Is Censoring The Word 'Jailbreak' In ITunes

Apple Is Censoring The Word 'Jailbreak' In iTunes

Apple isn't a fan of users jailbreaking its devices, and the company doesn't seem to be a fan of the word "jailbreak," either.

The word "jailbreak" apparently has been modified to "j*******k" in several places around the iTunes store. According to tech site Shoutpedia, popular iOS hacker @planetbeing first noticed the oddity. Self-proclaimed iPhone hacker @MuscleNerd tweeted @planetbeing's findings on Thursday:

Shoutpedia also notes that the filter is affecting all iTunes store categories; however, it appears it only applies to those in the U.S. Below is one of the first instances discovered:

[Note: The "deluxe edition" of the song "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy is censored on the U.S. iTunes store, but not on the European one.]


itunes jailbreak

itunes jailbreak

In addition, it does indeed seem that the block on the word has reached both iPhone and iPad apps, too.


itunes jailbreak

Even iBooks have been affected. WebProNews pointed out the tweet of @86intruder, who responded to @MuscleNerd with a picture to prove it:

@MuscleNerd @planetbeing iBooks too.…

— 86intruder (@86intruder) May 17, 2012

As MacRumors points out, Apple discourages users from jailbreaking their iDevices, a process that removes restrictions on the gadget and allows the downloading of apps and other features that aren't Apple-approved and aren't available in the App Store.

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