Here's A Bottle Of Apple Juice That Looks Somewhat Like Hitler

Late last week, a photograph of an apple juice bottle design that shares an uncanny resemblance to Adolf Hitler went viral on Reddit. Redditor Liam Trotzuk told The Huffington Post that he discovered the bottle at a convenience store in Hong Kong:

HuffPost reached out to the illustrator of the design, Suntur, who explained:

Actually, this character is inspired from the pre-modern Japanese warrior "Samurai" and I design to meet the briefing from my customer as well. In my opinion, my character is one kind of artistic work, so people may see or interpret in various way [sic].

Creative agency The Gate Hong Kong unveiled the design along with two other by Suntur in August 2014. A video promoting all three designs also features an apple with a similar mustache:

Unfortunately, Trotzuk "didn't taste the juice itself."



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