The Apple Commercial You Didn't See During The Super Bowl (VIDEO)

The Apple Commercial You Didn't See During The Super Bowl

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, you most likely enjoyed a smorgasbord of heart-warming car commercials and Budweiser's adorable "Puppy Love" ad. But there's one spot you didn't see: Apple’s tour de force short film that celebrates the Macintosh’s 30th anniversary.

The video, which made its debut Monday on Apple’s homepage, revels in the power of innovation and technology’s impact on the world (sort of like Microsoft’s Super Bowl commercial). On Jan. 24, Mac's anniversary, Apple sent 15 camera crews around the world to capture people doing various things with their Apple products. The resulting footage, captured using the iPhone 5s, is simply mesmerizing.

Apple wrote of the project on its website:

Over the course of the day, we documented dozens of extraordinary stories. Archeologists creating 3D renderings as they uncover the buried secrets of Pompeii. A journalist in Puerto Rico editing video footage on his Mac from the back of a jeep. Kids in Paris making music on an iPad by simply moving their hands through sand.

In 1984, Apple debuted its now iconic Macintosh commercial, directed by Ridley Scott, during the Super Bowl. For its latest masterpiece, Apple tapped Scott’s son, Jake, to assemble the global camera crew for the new project. According to the company's website, the filmmakers streamed their footage to a central command hub in Los Angeles, where Jake Scott directed all of the action via FaceTime.

“Jake had a beautiful analogy for what he’s doing in this room. All this magic is happening around the world and he’s the conductor. He’s able to touch it and move it — to orchestrate it,” Lee Clow, the ad agency creative director behind the 1984 commercial, said on Apple’s website.

Watch the whirlwind of captivating footage in the video above.

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