Apple's Staggering Market Cap: 9 Surprising Things Apple Is Worth More Than

Surprising Things Apple’s Bigger Than

On March 15, Apple ended the day worth $547.17 billion. Sure, that sounds like a lot, but it's difficult to really understand how much Apple is worth until you compare it to something else.

Take the country of Poland, for example. Its estimated 2011 gross domestic product was a mere $531.8 billion compared to Apple's $547.17 billion market cap. CNN also pointed out that Belgium, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan are each worth less than Apple's market cap.

Apple's stock price topped $600 a share this week for the first time ever, which means it'd be cheaper to buy an iPad than a single share of Apple stock. It promises to be a big year for Apple between the release of the iPhone 5 and the new iPad, and analysts and pundits are reading the tea leaves to try and predict just how big Apple may become. (There's talk of it becoming the first $1 trillion company)

For now, you can flip through the slideshow below to see what other things Apple is worth more than. Which surprised you most?

The Entire U.S. Retail Sector

Things Apple Is Worth More Than

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