Apple's Mac Pro, Which Costs $52,000 When Maxed Out, Sparks Amusement On Twitter

The tech giant's newest product is being mocked for its extraordinary price.

The new Mac Pro, when decked out with all its included features, will set you back about the same as some luxury cars.

Apple’s latest product dropped on Tuesday, and is available to order at a starting price of $5,999. When maxed out with all hardware features, the computer costs just north of $52,000 ― and that’s excluding the monitor and the option of $400 (yes, $400) for wheels.

The top-of-the-line product is the Mac’s first update in six years. It features a cheese grater-like design, and the base option comes with an 8-core Intel processor and 256 GB of storage, with upgrades available up to 28-core Intel and 1.5 TB of ECC memory. To add the 1.5 TB option to your basket, you’d need to set aside another $25,000.

The product’s resemblance to a cheese grater prompted memes when the product was first unveiled in June, but following the announcement Tuesday, the Mac Pro’s price was the main source of amusement for potential customers.

“Mac Pro” trended following the computer’s release as people joked about all the other things they could buy with 50 grand.

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