You've Been Slicing Your Apples All Wrong


You've been doing it wrong. All of it. Everything you do in your kitchen -- wrong. You could be slicing, dicing, pitting and peeling your produce harder, better, faster, stronger.

The most recent mistake you've been making involves the apple. You probably slice this fruit by cutting into the top, where the stem emerges. But that's all wrong, according to YouTuber Grant Thompson, aka "The King of Random." As he demonstrates in the instructional video above, you should begin by turning the fruit upside down and making the first incision a few centimeters away from the core.

Then, continue to cut vertically into the apple until you have a grid, like this:

Grab a rubber band, wrap it around your apple and be on your merry way with a portable snack. The apple will be perfectly portioned for easy eating, and since the fruit's flesh remains unexposed to air, it'll stay fresh. Enjoy!

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