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Apple Stem Cell Therapy For Healthy Skin


Heard of apple stem cell technology? It's part of a growing movement toward noninvasive anti-aging procedures. Many swear by the therapy as a way to rejuvinate the skin. So how does it work?

First a bit of history. In 18th-century Switzerland a rare type of apple tree was cultivated. Its apples, called Uttwiler Spätlaube, are known for having a remarkably long shelf-life.

The apples contain highly active stem cells; plant stem cells, like human stem cells, have the ability to regenerate other cells. Scientists extracted the stem cells from the fruit, incorporated 10 percent medical-grade oxygen, and created a therapeutic face cream.

The Huffington Post visited the Renew Anti-Aging Center in New York City to see stem cell therapy in action, and spoke with owner and head aesthetician Carmel O'Neill.

O'Neil explained how as aging skin loses elasticity, apple stem cell therapy can help, essentially, bring it back to life.

It's like aging backwards on the skin. You can turn those skin cells back on, and give life back to the skin ... By the time you reach the age of 30 you have lost 70 percent of the oxygen in your skin. Which is a huge amount of oxygen to lose.


Video by Hunter Stuart and Sam Wilkes

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