Apple Store REFUSED To Take Cash For iPad, Woman Says (VIDEO)

Apple Store REJECTS Cash For iPad, Woman Says (VIDEO)

UPDATE: After hearing about this story, Apple stepped up and not only reversed their policy, they gave Diane Campbell an iPad -- for free. Click here for more.----------

Diane Campbell saved up, bit by bit, the $600 required to buy an Apple iPad, but when she showed up at the store with a wad of cash to buy the tablet, she found she was out of luck.

Campbell recalls her visit to the Palo Alto Apple Store: "I had my cash in the backpack and I went up proudly to the counter and told them, 'I would like to purchase an iPad.'"

Apple's sales policy states that the iPad must be purchased by credit or debit card, according to ABC News. No plastic means no tablet, and the Apple employee turned Campbell away.

"They said, 'Sorry, we don't take cash.' And, so I looked at her and I said OK she's kidding," Campbell tells ABC News.

Although Apple did not respond to ABC News' request for an explanation, Campbell was told by an Apple Store employee that the plastic-only policy is intended to cut down on piracy--customers who buy vast numbers of iPads, in order to sell them overseas.

See ABC News' video report here.

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