History Of The Apple Tablet (PICTURE): Timeline Of Apple's 'MacTablet'

*See picture below*
Although the Apple Tablet has yet to be officially announced, LaLaWag has already created a guide to the Apple Tablet's history, a timeline tracking the "Story (so far) of the Apple Tablet."

According to Lalawag, the Apple Tablet's "story" started all the way back in 1888, with Elisha Gray's patent for an electric stylus that could capture handwriting motions.

LaLaWag explains its infographic (see below):

Ever since the company's inception in 1976, rumors of an Apple-manufactured tablet computer have dominated the tech world. Some came to fruition while others fizzled, but with Apple expected to announce the newest entry on the list, let's take a look back at how we got here.

If you want more Apple Tablet history, check out
collection of photos showing Apple Tablet prototypes from 1983. (They don't look much like today's renderings of the device.)

See a larger version of Lalawag's infographic here.

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