Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference on Friday

Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference on Friday
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Apple is holding a press conference on Friday to discuss the iPhone 4 on its campus in Cupertino, California at 10:00 AM Pacific time. The Apple representative who called me didn't disclose any details other than that it was about the iPhone 4. I'm presuming that the company will address recent concerns about the phone's reception issues, especially when the user places a finger over a gap in the antenna that surrounds the phone which can reduce the phone's reception.

The press conference is coming on the heels of a Consumer Reports story confirming that "there is a problem with its (the iPhone 4) reception."

There have also been reports that Apple might issue a recall though it is pure speculation. Consumer Reports has confirmed that putting a bumper case around the phone or "duct tape" on the antenna will remedy the situation

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