The Apple Watch Could Be Used As A Surveillance Device, Thanks To This Feature

The Scary Apple Watch Feature No One Is Talking About

There’s a scary feature on the Apple Watch that no one seems to be talking about.

In its elaborate press conference on Tuesday, complete with an announcement from U2 and a slew of celebrity guests, Apple unveiled its first line of wearable technology. The Apple Watch, which has plenty of apps that can monitor your fitness and even act as a credit card, has one feature that could pose some serious privacy concerns.

One of the watch’s features allows users to display a live preview of what your iPhone is shooting in real-time. Although the preview could be useful when snapping a posed photo with a friend, it could easily serve as a surveillance device if the subject is unaware of the iPhone filming them.

Check out the video above to see the spy camera technology in action.

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Before You Go

Been sent some words asking a question? Well rather than send words back Apple's built a range of super-cute animated emoticons that'll bounce around the recipient's screen. Of course you could be really boring and send some words back via a list of contextually prepared templates that you simply tap to send.
Digital Touch
It may be a small screen but Apple wants you to use it nevertheless. With a 'Digital Touch' display that can register both light taps and longer firm presses you can draw shapes that'll be sent straight to the person you're talking to. We're not sure whether this will become anything more than a gimmick but the feature is there just in case.
Walkie Talkie
Who'd have thought it. Years after being invented and then replaced by the phone, the two-way radio is back in the form of 'Walkie Talkie'. Apple Watch lets you record short clips and send them to another Apple Watch. Designed for people who miss the days of telegrams and can only speak in short abrupt sentences.
Well this is sweet. Using the optical heart-rate monitor on the back of the device Apple Watch can measure your heart rate, record it and then send it to someone. Just hold down on the screen with two fingers and it'll send it over. It's a ludicrously gimmicky feature that actually uses some really cool technology underneath it. Whether or not that'll make it a success remains to be seen.
Taptic Feedback
Rather than use the term Haptic, Apple has gone with 'Taptic' because ultimately, the vibrations through the Apple Watch feel like you're being tapped on the wrist. See what they did there? Well if you're bored of sending smiley faces, or drawing shapes then you can always send taps. Apple marketed it as a way of creating recognisable patterns that your friends would recognise as meaning certain things. So three taps in a triangle could mean 'You won't believe what I saw John doing the other night', and so forth.
Fitness App
Apple is going big on fitness and health which is why the Watch brings with it an all-new fitness experience. The new fitness app measures not only the amount of exercise you do but also how often you're standing up. It's a well-documented fact that simply sitting in an office all day is actually pretty bad for you so Apple's new app will gently remind you to stop gazing into the distance and at the very least go for a wander around the block. That's either great parenting or downright invasive.
iArm Wrestle Champs
And now for something completely different. It's true that Apple Watch will allow third-party apps and one of the first to commit is a game that measures your arm-wrestling skills. We have to admit it's perfectly suited to the watch although you might want to avoid slamming that 18-karat gold on the table. That or just win, all the time.

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