This Is What It Looks Like When You Rip The Apple Watch's Face Off

Behold the teeny, tiny innards.

The Apple Watch is finally out, and that means it's time for it to be destroyed.

The fine folks at iFixit, an electronics repair guide website, released a new video Friday showing what happens when you strip Apple's new gadget -- priced anywhere from $349 to $17,000 -- down to its core parts.

If you're expecting glimmering diamonds within, you might be disappointed. iFixit's teardown team found "some kind of antenna," an "adorable" lithium-ion battery and "some of the tiniest screws" they've ever seen.

Of note, iFixit was able to remove the Taptic Engine, the bit of machinery that lets the Apple Watch physically tap your wrist to notify you of new information. It's an impressive bit of technology. Here's what it looks like stripped of its outer shell:

iFixit's experts also found some bits -- the small button on the side of the Watch, for example -- that reminded them of iPhone parts, but "tiny."

You can watch the whole thing for the technical nitty-gritty here.

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