Applebee's Food Truck Kills Mobile Dining's Street Cred For Good

It was a little embarrassing for food truckdom when Jack in the Box opened its own food truck this March. But at least the JATB truck tried to mask its corporate origins with a relatively gnarly Lisa Frank-inspired mural painted on its side. That truck, overall, had the effect of making Jack in the Box seem cooler, without much damaging the overall idea of food trucks.

The same cannot, alas, be said of the new Applebee's food truck.

The bright green truck first hit streets in Denver last Saturday, according to Denver Westword. It was custom-built for a special food truck event, but there are plans to keep it on the pavement, dispensing chipotle-lime chicken sandwiches and steak fajitas wherever it lands. It was really only a matter of time before this happened, honestly. Applebee's loves to adopt restaurant trends a few months after everyone else -- and food trucks are nothing if not a trend.