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Applebee's Lunch Decoys: Chain Selling Inflatable Dolls To Use At Office Desks

Clearly, Applebee's wasn't happy with its standings on HuffPost Food's Chain Food Showdown. So it's gone ahead and come up with a sort of crazy newfangled marketing approach: selling inflatable dolls. No, really.

The idea behind this tongue-in-cheek campaign for their new Pick 'N Pair lunch is to have workers use an inflatable doll as a replacement for their physical presence. That way, they can totally take time for lunch (at Applebee's, clearly) and no one will notice that they've been replaced by a blow-up doll (aka "lunch decoy" in Applebee's-speak). Genius, right?

This isn't just a silly commercial though. Applebee's is actually selling these dolls through Amazon for $6.99. You can choose from six different models such as The Executive or The Cubicle Queen.

Here's the commercial:

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