Apple's 10" Touch Screen Tablet May Ship in March: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer January 5, 2010

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple's tablet will ship in March. To be unveiled later this month, the WSJ notes that the device will reportedly be between 10 and 11 inches, significantly larger than the rumored 7-inch touch screen tablet. Sources say the ground breaking device may retail for $1000.

Sprint and Skiff, a new tech start-up, will unveil a new eReader at CES. The Skiff Reader is being hailed as the fastest eReader,packaged with a touch-screen, as well as a track ball. While the first Skiff Reader will be black and white, the company plans to bring a color version of the eReader to market in the next year.

A new mobile plug-in is trying to bring TV to handsets. Tivit, which will debut at CES, delivers local TV to BlackBerry, iPhone and netbook users a Wi-Fi connected device. While Tivit could prove positive for local TV stations, the Open Mobile Video Coalition plans to boost its movement to bring mobile TV directly to mobile phones.

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