Apple's Keynote viewed from China

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Apple's Keynote viewed from China

2017 Sep. 12th was a big day for tech lovers: It’s not only the 10th anniversary of iPhone launch but also the date that Apple announce its new products of this year. However, Apple’s first keynote in the Steve Jobs theater at the company’s new headquarters didn’t hold many surprises—since most of the news in advance were already leaking by someone.

Apple launched 3 new iPhones in this event — which is the highest concern of Chinese people — the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Apple introduced the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with aerospace-grade materials, a better display and speakers, and super-strong glass exterior reinforced with steel. And iPhone X -- which Tim Cook called "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone" -- is features a souped-up display and design and prominently features facial recognition technology.

The Apple keynote is always a HotTopic for Chinese consumers each year (500 million views, 212,000 comments this year), not only because of the new product itself but also the tech trend showed behind, since Apple is always considered as an iconic trendsetter on design & functions for all domestic brands. Since 10 years, the iPhone has always been regarded as a premium status and lifestyle indicator; and people who use iPhone was always regarded as a trendsetter with good taste.

However, in recent years, Chinese people’s enthusiasm towards iPhone is decreasing — as the living standard of Chinese is increasing, iPhone is not anymore an indicator of premium status/ lifestyle; also, Chinese people think Apple is less and less innovative after Steve Jobs died. In addition, domestic brand like Vivo and Huawei are rising; since 2016, sales of iPhone in China is gradually exceed by Oppo, Vivo and Huawei.

The Unexpected Theme Park

36Kr, one of the biggest tech news platform in China, held its first fan event named "Unexpected Theme Park". The event took place in Shijingshan Park, Beijing, and gathered more than 30 Internet companies to transform the 2w square-meters' theme park to a tech carnival.

According to 36Kr, the Internet is like a huge virtual theme park that waiting for people to explore; and they wanted to extend this curiosity and adventurous spirit IRL. Beside food and activities, the park included 48 pop-up stores from 48 tech companies (including famous brands such as Sequoia Capital, Zhihu, Ant Financial, Didi Taxi, etc.) providing different experiences to consumers including mobile games starring famous gamers, test drive with AI powered cars, face-scanning crane machines, etc. Over 12 thousand people were visiting the park on the 1st day of the event; including adults and kids, proving true interest from Chinese people about tech and innovation.

36Kr generated more than 200,000 reposts, 160,000 comments and 130,000 likes about its event.

Working late kills people

Last week, a personal experience of a netizen quickly went viral in Chinese social media. The author shared her experience of sudden cerebral haemorrhage: one day, when she woke up, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and start losing the ability to talk, so she immediately went to the hospital before passing out.

According to the doctor, the main reason was that she had a chaotic daily routine: she always stayed late at night but woke up early every morning. Also, her diet was irregular and she didn’t practice any workout — and these are all the factors that caused this time bomb.

Her post obviously became viral with over 200,000 reposts and 60,000 comments. It really shocked the netizens, we could read a lot of messages of support and a kind of general introspection with messages such as: "Useless to work too hard, we first have to stay alive." We can observe a real awareness among young Chinese people of the importance of a balance between work and healthy. A trend is reversing between work and health.

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