Apple's New Emojis Prove Women Can Do More Than Flip Their Hair

Yes to all of this.

New “gender diverse” emojis for Apple devices are coming soon, which will actually reflect many of the amazing things women can do. 

Apple announced on Monday that this fall iOS 10 will bring with it more than 100 new emoji characters, including women depicted as athletes and professionals. From basketball players to construction workers, this new round of emojis adds a dose of reality to your iPhone or iPad by portraying women being badasses in the world of sports as well as the workforce.

Because women can lift weights, too. 
Because women can lift weights, too. 

In a press release, Apple said it teamed up with Unicode Consortium to ensure the new collection of emojis, which also includes a rainbow flag and single-parent families, would “reflect the diversity of people everywhere.” 

Check out more emojis depicting kickass women below and see more of the collection over on Apple.




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