Apple's New Notebooks: What To Expect

Wired offers some ideas on what to expect from Apple's new notebooks:

Both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro will be aluminum. The aluminum MacBook has been rumored since forever, and if we take the leaked shots as real, Apple is finally going all-metal in its Mac lineup.

We can also be pretty certain that the MacBook Pro will gain the chiclet-style keyboard of the Air and the stock MacBook, most likely in backlit black. Ditto the magnetic latch which holds the MacBook Pro closed -- that little button is so 2001. The other advantage the current MacBook has over the MBP is the easy-to-swap hard drive. Along with the RAM, the HDD is a simple five-minute slot-in replacement. Expect to see this in the Pro...

...Touch Screen: So far, so evolutionary. What about surprises? The big expectation is a touch screen. We say no. Touch screens are just too hard to use in a notebook, unless Apple has also invented some kind of iSling to support your arm. We'd like to be wrong on this, but we doubt it.

Apple is rumored to be rolling out a laptop that will cost under a thousand dollars. CNBC calls this going "nuclear." Here's why:

Why nuclear? Because it stands to have an explosive impact on the PC market. A device not too expensive that it alienates an ever more skittish consumer; not too cheap, ala sub-$500, that it soils the aspirational brand that Apple has become; but a high-end, slick device with the Apple bloodline priced just right that a big chunk of the market goes for it whether its mildly uncomfortable doing so or not. The Goldilocks price point.

I've spoken to several people inside and outside Apple about what to expect, and while no one is ready to go on the record about any of this, they're all telling me the same thing: Apple is ready to play in sub-$1k. That's a big deal and about time.