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Gabi Rivera, Huffington Post Fellow, Tells Us The Easiest Way To Apply Fake Eyelashes

When a girl can pull off green, pink and platinum blonde hair, you know she's a risk-taker. And such is the case with Huffington Post fellow Gabi Rivera. Her vibrant hair and makeup have become somewhat of a fixture around the office, making our rosy cheeks and nude lips seem so boring.

To get her flawless complexion, Rivera uses Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation. "It's amazing! It's cheap, but really good," she told us. "I have pretty big pores on my face, so I use the liquid foundation, which is sheer and light, and then put BareMinerals powder on top and you can't see the pores anymore." Well, that's one trick we'll be stealing.

Though her bright red lipstick vies for attention, it's her long lashes that we find ourselves staring at. "I feel like people think [fake eyelashes] are this big to-do, but it's not," said Rivera. "It's harder when you have the full ones, so I just cut them into little pieces and put them on the edges [of my lash line] so it just looks like part of my cat-eye. It's probably not hygienic, but I use them for like a week at a time." Economical and beauty savvy? We really like this girl.

gabi Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation

Beauty Street Style: Gabi Rivera

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