Appreciating What You Have

Today, I'm thinking of how good I have it.

I remember friends and colleagues who I have loved, but I'm reminded that they passed away. I remember a friend with great style and ability to design, as I see his work, and the lines and curves of great buildings. I remember an old boss who could be tough, but had a heart of gold when there was trouble. I fondly cherish the time I spent with my family. My great uncle and aunt, my grandmother, my parents -- all of them loved me, and their love lives on.

I was traveling overseas during the holidays, and as much fun as it was, it was a challenge with a complicated and very foreign language. I appreciate just being able to communicate in English! I had taken it for granted. We ate a lot of really good, but strange food. It's nice to have some simple western food that is fresh and healthy. I'd taken that for granted, too.

I appreciate my nice home, it's so warm and cozy on a freezing cold day; it went down to 12 degrees (F) last night!

I especially appreciate my spirituality today. I love God so much, and feel His love in return billion-fold. There's really nothing that is impossible if it's God's will. I'd taken that for granted, too.