April 2013 Covers Cheer Us Up For Spring, Thanks To Vogue Turkey

With Easter around the corner and Passover still in our midst, we've finally got spring on the brain. Thankfully this month's fashion magazines (and by this month, we mean April 2013) were a mostly cheery affair. Our favorite one of all? Vogue Turkey, which brightened up our morning today with a sunny cover starring Anja Rubik:

april 2013 covers

Sorry, Michelle Obama. But this Vogue Turkey cover, photographed by Cuneyt Akeroglu, manages to encapsulate everything we're hoping spring might be. The weather might still be a bit chilly, but leave it to this month's glossies to set the mood and have us dreaming of brighter days. Hey, sometimes fashion can really be uplifting.

How does Vogue Turkey's flowery spread compare to the other April 2013 covers? Check 'em out and tell us your favorites in the comments.

April 2013 Magazine Covers

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