17 Outrageous Pranks To Fuel Your April Fools' Day Ideas

The day you've waited for and/or dreaded is near.

April Fools' Day is an odd little holiday. On the one hand, we all LOVE April Fools' Day because funny things always happen. Unless, of course, we're the butt of a joke. In which case, f--k that holiday! It's the worst.

No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, you'll get a kick out of these outstanding prank GIFs. You can either cringe along with the unsuspecting victims or take notes for next year so you never get tricked again. Your call!

Cardboard boxes = your coworker's worst nightmare.
Watch how quickly these kids get out of bed.
Invisible taut ropes are the leading cause of hilarious road pranks.
She's a keeper. But will she keep?
Sometimes the key is an accomplice.
Heavy sleepers make the best prank targets.
You've got to earn this five dollars.
Yeah, something definitely smells fishy, mom ...
Basket. Balls.
Next time your friend tells you to make a wish... Don't.
Heads up.
Making someone think they're a vampire? Priceless.
She was there for you, man. That's what counts.
Going down?
Have a seat. No, not there.
Phone home now, please!
Roommate Pranks