April Fools Pranks: The Best Office Pranks Of All Time (PHOTOS)

The Best April Fools Day Office Pranks

April Fools Day 2011 is just about here, and we know our readers are planning some pretty elaborate pranks.

Pranking your parents, roommates or significant other can be fun, but the place with the most amount of unsuspecting victims is definitely the office. Cubicles are perfect for filling with packing peanuts or balloons, decorating with Justin Bieber posters or covering with foil and/or wrapping paper. Aside from the convenience, chances are there are more than a couple people in your workplace who you'd love to mess with. Check out the best office pranks of all time below, and add your April Fools office pranks to the slideshow as you do them throughout the holiday!

Tanning Booth/Foiled Office

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