April's 'Pink Moon' Will Not Actually Be Pink

The name has nothing to do with the moon's actual color.
This is not gonna be your view on Friday.
This is not gonna be your view on Friday.

You may have noticed your social media feeds filled with posts suggesting that Friday night will bring a pink-colored full moon.


There will be a full moon that night, but it will not suddenly turn pink in color. “Pink moon” is just a traditional name for the full moon that occurs in April. The Old Farmer’s Almanac cites a special name for each month’s full moon, vaguely attributed to “the Algonquin tribes who lived in regions from New England to Lake Superior.” The term “pink moon” apparently refers to the appearance of a pink flower called the wild ground phlox, according to the Almanac. 

The moon names have stuck around -- and also help explain why people were so excited about the “snow moon” in February.

Oh, and the moon won't be green, either. That was just a blatant hoax.



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