April's Way -- An Indie Short Film Remembering the 1992 L.A. Riots

Racial tension continues to be a complicated social issue impacting the real world. Police brutality, gun violence and social injustice remain nightly news stories that simply offer explanations and assumptions, not resolutions. News coverage of these events do not have the capability of providing the viewer an emotional attachment to the victims or culprits involved. However, one of the most powerful resources to do so is film.

When I came across a Kickstarter campaign to finance the finishing touches of a short film that was created to focus worldwide attention on social discrimination, I instantly became invested in its cause.

April's Way is based on the true story of the 1992 L.A. riots as it offers a glimpse into the often-overlooked hardships that many Korean-American merchants suffered during the civil unrest.

When faced with rampant looting, a Korean-American store owner struggles between protecting his wife and young daughter or taking a stand against rioters who threaten his business and livelihood. April's Way follows Sung-Min as he navigates racial and moral boundaries, ultimately uncovering the humanity within us all.

It's not often Hollywood executives or studio heads give films with potential social impact or awareness the green light. For this reason, many passionate producers, writers, and directors are forced to personally finance such moving films to pursue the stories they truly believe in. The type of films that are created with much more intent than entertainment.

Producer, Matt Hardman has produced a number of award-winning short films and music videos with set experience on television shows such as Ray Donovan as well as movies such as Lincoln and The Long Ranger. Director, Robert Nyerges started working in the film industry on the production staff of Hollywood feature films such as Lincoln, The Lone Ranger, The Wolf on Wall Street, and Interstellar. Together, the talented young duo is in the midst of presenting a powerful short film on a topic often ignored in United States history.

Not all of us have the creativity or talent to create the social change or awareness we wish to implement throughout the world. It's important to support and back those who have the ability and passion to actually share their work to make a difference.

Kickstarter has been a resource for many unique campaigns. But it is the opportunity to bring pieces of work like April's Way to life that truly makes Kickstarter such an amazing tool.

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