AP's Ron Fournier Concerned By Obama's Teleprompter "Crutch"

AP's Ron Fournier Concerned By Obama's Teleprompter "Crutch"

You know, chances are, the Associated Press's Ron Fournier doesn't want to be thought of as weird or an ignorant guy, but he's not helping his cause any by pretending to be mystified by the existence of a device known as the Teleprompter. This is a device that has been around in some form since the 1950s, and which is now commonly used by people who give speeches for a living. Like, say, Presidents. Like, say, last night. But Fournier is strangely bemused by this reverse-engineered Martian technology that allows words to sinisterly dance in midair. His analysis piece is titled, "Teleprompter telegraphs Obama caution."

To be fair, the Teleprompter also telegraphs "words" that were written by "speechwriters" as a means of assisting the President to "explain" stuff "clearly." Before the advent of the Teleprompter, a President might have to "read" his remarks from "notes" written on "paper." Obama, however, apparently likes to face forward while reading the speeches he gives, like a goddamned Bolshevik.

Fournier characterizes the "Teleprompter" as Obama's "familiar crutch." That's strange. See, I would describe the Teleprompter as a "ubiquitous device used in virtually all political oratory." I might go so far as to suggest that it's the preferred tool of political orators in the delivery of political oratory. But for an alternate take, here's Jim Newell at Wonkette:

It seems that Ron Fournier and many others have forgotten the basic format of every single presidential press conference ever, which is for the President to read a prepared statement for 5 minutes or so and then take questions. Would they be happier if Obama spent five hours of his workday trying to memorize his remarks?

Sure they would! It's not like anyone's suggesting that the economic downturn is so pronounced that Obama can't afford to do more than one thing at a time or something!

DID YOU KNOW?: Barack Obama is the first black president to use a teleprompter!

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