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Apartment Therapy Couple Splitting Up: The New York Post

The happy couple behind Apartment Therapy is splitting up, The New York Post reports.

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan founded the site after the New York Times profiled for the cute, tiny Greenwich Village apartment he shared with his wife, Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan. Since then the site has grown immensely, having just relaunched all their sections into one consolidated haven for design porn and apartment voyeurism.

They've since lived in the spotlight, launching more websites and publishing more books. (The Times even covered when they had a baby). And when it was time to redecorate their apartment, they crowd-sourced ideas and blogged each step of the way.

Gillingham-Ryan penned an interesting blog post two months ago that perhaps foretold the trouble at home. In an essay about divorced men as decorators (an idea pulled from the Times) he writes:

Not that ANY of you would ever need any help like this, BUT it is a fact that a fast growing segment of the interior design and furniture buying population is made out of... divorced, single men (the first part of this sentence is a joke - of course there are all types of readers in our audience out there and NO ONE wants to get divorced. Sometimes it just comes unwanted in the night).

A spokesperson for the site tells the Post: "Apartment Therapy just consolidated and relaunched its sites to enhance the focus on home design and home cooking. . . . We ask that you respect our family's privacy."

We really do like Apartment Therapy -- it's what we look at when we want to escape the disappointment of our NYPD Scandals page -- so we wish these two the best. Just make sure to let someone from Depeche Mode know how to get in touch with your broker.