Aquaria Grande, The Mumbai Apartment Complex With Swimming Pool Balconies [PHOTOS]

The latest way that the super-rich are living better than all of us? They're getting swimming pools that also function as balconies.

A planned 37-story apartment complex called the Aquaria Grande in Mumbai, India will provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy a small swimming pool attached to their apartment's balcony, The Daily Mail reports.

The pools may look enticing but, given the altitude, it might be best to avoid any raucous games of Sharks and Minnows. At least that's the concern of Gizmodo writer Jesus Diaz who called Hong Kong architect James Law's swimming pool-studded design a "deadly accident waiting to happen," The Daily Mail points out.

Though Mumbai housing sales have slowed down in the past year, the Aquaria Grande likely won't have trouble finding people to occupy its spaces. That's because many of India's super-rich aren't concerned about costs when it comes to luxury living, as indicated by the fact that another luxury building, the Imperial, has been able to fill 90 percent of its 228 apartments.

But luxury apartment projects are also booming in other countries. The German Colossus of Prora, a complex originally designed to house 20,000 vacationing Nazis, is now being converted into a luxury hotel and condo resort.

Check out the stunning plans for the Aquaria Grande below:

Aquaria Grande