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Arabic Newspaper Headlines Divided On Obama (SLIDESHOW)

President Obama is in Cairo, Egypt, to give his first speech in the Middle East on Thursday. One question has driven pre-speech debate: how will Obama be received by the Muslim world? Arabic newspapers, which offer some indication of people's expectations, are largely divided on the issue.

HuffPost Eyes and Ears reporter Mohamed Elshahed photographed and translated the day's top Arabic headlines from Cairo, which include: "America makes up with Muslim world from Cairo," "End American Bias Towards Israel," "Obama to Muslims of The World: I Speak to You From Cairo," "Don't Ignore Human Rights, But Don't Interfere With Internal Politics."

Are you in Egypt? Grab your camera and document how the public is reacting to Obama's visit. You can also send photos of security preparations, Obama paraphernalia and rallies. Capture the images of how people are celebrating or protesting Obama's trip.

Send your photos to with OBAMA CAIRO in the subject line. Include your name and where you are from. Be sure to crop all photos to 550 x 400,150 resolution--if you can-- and include captions explaining the photographic content.

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