At Arby's, You Can Eat Something They Call 'Ocean Meat'

Though really, is the term that much weirder than "seafood?"

How does the term “ocean meat” make you feel?

For many of us, the answer is “deeply unsettled and filled with a sense of inexplicable dread.” But it certainly gets our attention, which is probably why Arby’s uses it in its advertising.

The international sandwich chain has been using the phrase in ads since at least January 2015. However, the Internet started taking special note of the term this week, fueled by the publication of a Deadspin article poking fun at how oddly vague the phrase sounds.

For the record, there’s no actual Arby’s menu item called “ocean meat.” The phrase only appears in Arby’s ads, presumably as a reference to the restaurant’s tagline, “We Have The Meats.”

An Arby's spokesperson clarified that the protein in the chain's fish sandwiches is, in fact, fish.

"For our fish sandwiches, we source wild and sustainably caught Alaskan Pollock," he told The Huffington Post in an email.

And while the phrase “ocean meat” is technically an accurate way to describe fish, people seem to find the phrase a little off-putting.

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