Arby's Urinal Burns Customer's Genitals With 'Jet Of Steam,' Leads To Lawsuit

Some things in this world don't lend themselves to controlled, predictable behavior. Things like foreign debt crises, the exact location and trajectory of an electron, global warming, etc. Thankfully there are other elements upon which we build stable lives. You know: gravity, urinals functioning as they should, that sort of thing.

However, we may now need to scratch "urinals functioning as they should" from the 'stable' list.

According to a recently filed complaint in El Paso County Court, a man urinating at the Arby's restaurant in Monument, Colorado, claims a "jet of steam" shot out of the urinal and burned his genitals.

When he approached employees about the incident, they responded "we have that bathroom problem again," and explained "this happens when the sink in the kitchen is running."

Courthouse News reports that the man and his wife have filed suit seeking damages for negligence, premises liability and loss of consortium.

Though the causes are slightly different, severe burns resulted in an infamous lawsuit against McDonald's for serving hot coffee in 1992. The Plaintiff in that case received nearly half a million dollars.