Guy Turns His Apartment Into Old-School Arcade, Fiancée Says 'Game Over'

One guy spent $26,000 turning the bedroom of his Manhattan apartment into an impressive, old-school '80s-style arcade -- only to have his fiancée say "game over" and end their relationship as a result.

The man in question, Chris Kooluris, told the New York Daily News late last week that before making the changes to his bedroom, he had put the apartment on the market and gone to live with his fiancée.

But when the apartment failed to sell, the PR expert's man cave renovations began: he outfitted the bedroom with a custom-built four-player panel board filled with thousands of games, an extremely rare "Fix-It Felix" arcade machine and a high-score board, among other novelties.

At some point, Kooluris' fiancée's initial support of the remodeling project began to wane and she gave him back his engagement ring. (Way to KO his heart, fiancée.)

"If you are going through relationship issues, you need to invest time in the relationship and work on it," Kooluris told the Daily News. "Do not work on your arcade more than your relationship."

Scroll down for more photos of Kooluris' bedroom arcade:

Pretty impressive, right?

And in case you're wondering, no, the guy does not sleep in a race car bed. He sleeps on a pull-out futon that features "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" sheets and a matching blanket.

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