This Retro Arcade Movie Mashup Will Bring You Back To Your Youth

This Retro Arcade Movie Mashup Will Bring You Back To Your Youth

Hey, kids. Remember arcades? We sure do. Good times, great games. Go ahead and call us nostalgic. We don’t care. Since there aren’t many arcades left anymore, we decided to turn to the movies to relive the glory days of our youth. So fill those pockets with quarters and come along with us on a little trip down memory lane, soundtracked by the golden sounds of The Sweethearts with “Burnin Through The Nite.”

Here is a complete list of movies used. See if you can spot 'em all...

"Rancho Deluxe" (1975)
"Jaws" (1975)
"Jaws 2" (1978)
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1978)
"Dawn of the Dead" (1978)
"Midnight Madness" (1980)
"Bustin' Loose" (1981)
"Death Wish II" (1982)
"Rocky III" (1982)
"Tron" (1982)
"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (1982)
"Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again" (1982)
"The Toy" (1982)
"Joysticks" (1983)
"WarGames" (1983)
"Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1983)
"Strange Brew" (1983)
"Nightmares" [segment 'Bishop of Battle'] (1983)
"Never Say Never Again" (1983)
"High School U.S.A." (1983)
"Rumble Fish" (1983)
"Footloose" (1984)
"Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" (1984)
"Ghostbusters" (1984)
"Gremlins" (1984)
"The Karate Kid" (1984)
"The Last Starfighter" (1984)
"The Philadelphia Experiment" (1984)
"The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" (1984)
"Ninja III: The Domination" (1984)
"Night of the Comet" (1984)
"The Last Dragon" (1985)
"Code of Silence" (1985)
"The Goonies" (1985)
"Real Genius" (1985)
"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986)
"Maximum Overdrive" (1986)
"The Color of Money" (1986)
"Something Wild" (1986)
"Over the Top" (1987)
"Can't Buy Me Love" (1987)
"Best Seller" (1987)
"Death Wish 4: The Crackdown" (1987)
"Bloodsport" (1988)
"Big" (1988)
"Parenthood" (1989)
"Back to the Future Part II" (1989)
"The Wizard" (1989)
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1990)
"RoboCop 2" (1990)
"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991)
"Suburban Commando" (1991)
"Juice" (1992)
"Encino Man" (1992)
"Honeymoon in Vegas" (1992)
"Roadside Prophets" (1992)
"Toys" (1992)
"Double Dragon" (1994)

[Note: The decision to stop at 1994 was deliberate and totally arbitrary.]

Music courtesy of Todd Ledford, Sam Mehran, and Zak Mering of Olde English Spelling Bee and Weird World/Domino.

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