Archie Bunker vs. the Attorney General

I woke up this morning and over coffee and my daily newspaper saw the front page story, DELAY IS SOUGHT BY JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ON CIA INQUIRY, read a quote by our new Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, and immediately thought:

"Of course! I know where I heard that reasoning before. In a single sentence he gave himself away. It's Archie Bunker!"

In a heated argument, imagine this dialogue between Mike and Archie:

MIKE: You're wrong, Archie. If the Justice Department has nothing to hide, why would the Attorney General rule against giving the Congress the information surrounding the destruction of those hundreds of hours of tapes?

ARCHIE: Because, Meathead, the man has to "protect our interest in avoiding any perception that our law enforcement decisions are subject to political influence!"

Granted, far more literate than typical Archie-Speak, but Archie-Think incarnate.