Architect Allyn Morris' Modern Silver Lake Studio For Sale

Via CurbedLA: Architect Allyn E. Morris' gorgeous and compact Silver Lake home and studio, which is situated on the architecturally impressive Silver Ridge Street, is for sale.

Morris, who was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, fused his own aesthetic from training as an engineer with the more organic principles of his famous teacher. He also worked with Calvin C. Straub, as well as Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr., decades after he had become famous in his own right, according to Crosby Doe Associates, who is listing the Silver Lake property. While Morris did not receive as much attention as some of his peers during his lifetime, he is still recognized as an extremely talented architect, as evidenced by this article in The Architect's Newspaper. His Silver Lake home has been published in six different journals, books, and magazines, including Architectural Digest and An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles.

The Silver Lake property, built in 1958, has been lovingly preserved by its current owner in order to maintain the architect's original vision. The one-bedroom, one-and-three-fourths-bath studio home has numerous large windows that offer beautiful views of Mount Baldy and the San Gabriel Mountains. The lush foliage of these surrounding hills delicately balances out the warm hues of the brick structure. The house has an airy two-story living room and open kitchen and dining area, as well as a lower ground-floor office.

The 1,026 square-foot home is currently listed for $668,000 on Redfin. You can learn more about the home at its website, designed by Scott Mayoral.

Photos provided courtesy of Michael D. Phillips of Crosby Doe Associates.

Allyn Morris Studio