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Arctic Norway Expedition: What Really Matters?

Even though I was so far from home, without many of the modern conveniences I am used to, I was completely in touch with the greatest experience of all -- my inner riches.
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I never thought my adventures would lead me to a place so surreal that it would surpass even the magical places of my vivid imagination! And I'll have you know, my imagination has traveled across both reaches of my cranial hemispheres! Quite the unknown distance, huh?


On a whim, I decided to visit this blissful and breezy realm of the polar bears and absolutely fell in love with exploring the Arctic Norway. I was with nature at its finest! I was in awe of the glaciers, the icebergs, the animals, the kiss of the sun upon my face 24/7 -- all of it. Truly, I was in the presence of what I describe as art, so sacred and profound, a picture-perfect frame captured through the lens of my own eyes. Yet, this external appreciation is unmatched by the treasures I discovered within.


Where do I begin to describe the feelings that I received from such inner exploration? What first comes to mind is that even though I was so far from home, without many of the modern conveniences I am used to, I was completely in touch with the greatest experience of all -- my inner riches. Why? Because during this expedition I felt so much within me. I felt happy. I felt liberated. I felt connected. I felt peace. I felt passion. I felt beauty. I felt love. I was reminded of the gift of life and the significance of this precious gift.

As part of this incredible experience, not only did my heart beat to the rhythm of an external calm, but I was also moved to tears. I learned about the devastating impacts of how we are harming our wildlife, human health, and the environment, in the way of climate change. I became fully aware that, as we are, our planet is also equipped with its own bountiful mechanisms to either flourish or perish, though it yields exhaustively to the collective choices made by each and every person.


Specifically shared were the environmental impacts of plastic and its inability to discompose over long periods of time, and sometimes not at all, due to its chemical composition. Plastic has a lipophilic (loves fat) quality and secretes more harmful substances. As such, these microplastics affect our planet's sustainability in detrimental ways and, in effect, our own livelihood.


What can we do? The truth is, "the choices we make today, dictate our world tomorrow." Ask yourself this when making a choice. "It is for good? It is for harm?" Recognize what you contribute as an individual matters to the collective effort. As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.

How can we contribute? Here is a list of a few things we can do:

  • Use glass or stainless steel containers to create less waste.
  • Reuse water bottles repeatedly.
  • Avoid using single use bags, bottles, cups, etc.

We can increase awareness and education through sharing of information. And we can remind ourselves that what matters is all types of matter. When we finally melt our hearts in loving service to our planet and our future, we can help solidify all the goodness that matters. And everything is matter!