Arctic Summer Time-Lapse: What It's Like When The Sun Never Sets (VIDEO)

WATCH: What It's Like When The Sun Never Sets

Some things seem so natural that it's hard to imagine a world without them.

Like night and day.

While most of the globe experiences some time away from the sun, there are spots, namely in the Arctic Circle, that experience periods of time where darkness never comes. The video below captures this in a 24-hour time-lapse that almost looks unreal.

The sun seems to just bob in the sky like a ball bouncing across the heavens, briefly seeming to touch a mountain range before climbing back to its climax.

A full day of sunlight may seem cool at first, but we can imagine it's quite maddening and confusing to experience this, or even something close to it. In places like Fairbanks, Alaska the sun doesn't set until after midnight on the vernal equinox, but at least they get some darkness.

We're refraining from making a Sarah Palin joke now. Enjoy the video below!


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