Are All Millennials Murderers?

Millennials have been getting hammered by the media and their older counterparts for years and it really needs to STOP! I am a Gen X - Boomer cusper, meaning I was born on the year someone decided to change the names. I supposedly possess characteristics from Generation X as well as the Baby Boomers. It is supposed to cause me great anxiety as I plow through life with one foot on each side of the generational line. I guess there is a little truth to that but it is not as black and white as generational “experts” want you to believe.

I consider myself an Intergenerational Engagement “expert” primarily because I have had the opportunity to work around k-12 education for 20 plus years. I have experienced the changing family dynamics at work and in the schools. I’ve seen the positive and negative effects of technology on kids and parents. We are all living in a confusing time and we all seem to me STRESSED OUT!  Much of the confusion is coming from personality and generation-based communications challenges. For the first time in our history, we have five generations active in the economy. This creates challenges for employers, marketers, educators and even non-profit organizations. A one size fits all communications or marketing plan will no longer suffice.

My company specializes in helping organizations enhance their internal and external communications by embracing their “Age Diversity.” We help individuals from all generations and each personality style become self-aware by, first understanding why they may act or feel a certain way. We then help them understand the “general” characteristics of others who may be from a different generation or have a polar opposite personality style. As Stephen Covey wisely says,“Seek first to understand, then be understood.”

Those of you who follow my rantings are aware that I am a big Gen Y fan. I believe Millennials will end up being the most creative and giving generation ever. Even though I am not a Millennial, I understand why they get upset with all the stereotypes and generalities that pundits spew about “their kind.” I had the pleasure of coming across the following post by Chloe Bryan that was originally posted on Mashable July 31, 2017. Chloe, a Millennial listed 70 things that her generation has been accused of killing. What I love about her work is that she actually linked to the “murder piece” she referenced for each of the 70 things.

“Here are all the things millennials have been accused of killing. Rest in peace, societal fabric. We hardly knew ye.” Nice work Chloe.

1. Beer

6. Golf

13. Cars

15. Wine

25. Hotels

29. Cereal

35. Credit

36. Trees

44. Suits

46. Movies

47. Sex

48. Gyms

61. The 9-to-5 workday

65. Brunch

68. Banks

69. Oil

At least we’ll always have avocado toast.