Are Black Beauty Companies Still Relevant?

Take a second to look inside your beauty bag. How many products are from brands specifically targeted for black women? Anything from Iman Cosmetics, Fashion Fair, Black Up, E'Lon Couture or Flori Roberts? If the answer is "no," you're not alone.

Many black-owned beauty brands are being purchased by huge mainstream companies and developing the line to reach a wider audience, thus losing it's ethnic focus. Only a handful of lines remain that are dedicated to the African-American community.

Just this week, Vivivian Randolph the president of Madame C.J. Walker Enterprises announced she will work towards renewing the success and visibility of the legendary brand. The company celebrates it's 100 year anniversary this month, however many aren't aware that products are still available for purchase.

"We are looking to get the company to where it was in its heyday," Randolph told

In addition, the appointment of renowned makeup artist Sam Fine is a clear sign that Fashion Fair has renewed their interest and focus in offering quality beauty products for women of color.