Are Crows The Smartest Birds EVER? (VIDEO, POLL)

When making a list of "smart animals," crows probably wouldn't be at the top for most people. Jane Goodall made a splash in 1960 when she showed that chimps could make tools. Well move over furry friends, there's a new animal brainiac in town.

From britannica.com:

This video below shows an astounding feat by a New Caledonian crow. In an experiment conducted by behaviorists from the University of Oxford, a small bucket of food was placed inside a tube; the crow was unable to reach the bucket because of the length of the tube. She then picked up a short length of wire, and, after a few futile attempts to snag the bucket with it, bent the wire into a hook and lifted the bucket from the tube. What's more, the crow repeated the behavior in nine out of 10 subsequent trials.

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