Are Facebook Fan Pages Dead?

Have you ever had any the following questions:

"Are Facebook Fan Pages dead?!"

"My reach is SO low, does anyone even see my stuff?"

"Does it matter how often I post on my fan page? No one sees it anyway!"

These are some of the MOST common questions my clients ask me about social media marketing. With over a billion users, Facebook is the marketers playground.

Many use Facebook to reach their ideal clients...

But what if you can't reach your clients, due to Facebook's algorithm changes?

Are Facebook fan pages dead?

Well, yes and no. While your reach may be quite low (unless you have a very small niche), Facebook Pages aren't dead. You still need one.

A fan page should be your FIRST stop when you set up shop on Facebook. Why? Because it makes it easy for potential clients to find you online and you can link this directly to your personal profile (HIGHLY recommended!).

This way, as you interact with people online and start providing amazing content and value, they can easily click on your profile and check out your business page! Even on my personal Facebook page, you'll see a link to my business page The Savvy Business Belle.

Also, if intend on running Facebook Ads with your business, a Facebook page is REQUIRED to do so!

So while they're not dead, per se, I don't recommend spending too much time stressing over them.

Instead, create a private Facebook Group!

Having a private Facebook group is a great way to grow your tribe and personally connect with your peeps! My group, The Savvy Sisterhood is fantastic because I get to build a relationship with my tribe, support them while they build their businesses AND build my fan base!

Here are my top tips for creating a Facebook Group FULL of your ideal clients:
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Email Your List - Invite your email subscribers to join your group! Be sure to let them know what's different about your group vs your list (additional support, direct access to you, more personal help etc)

2. Pin a Post To The Top Of Your Facebook Page - Now do you see why I still advise you to have a Facebook Page? Create a short and sweet post about your new group, create a nice graphic as well and pin it to the top of your page. This post will get the most views because your page visitors will see it immediately!

Run a challenge in your new group ONLY - What is your ideal client struggling with? Create a 5 day challenge to solve their problems... The only kicker? It's run SOLELY in your group! Let people know they have to join to participate, then post the daily prompts for the challenge in your group. BOOM!

4. Use Your Lead Magnet Thank You Page - Are you making FULL use of the thank you page of your opt-ins? After you thank your lead for signing up, invite them to join your Facebook group! (Also invite them to SHARE on social media)

Create A Facebook Ad For Your Group - Again, another reason you still need a Facebook Page. In order to create a Facebook Ad for your group, you'll have to do a "work-around", since FB doesn't allow you to use a link that leads to a closed group in an ad. Instead, what you'll want to do is send your ad clicks to a landing page! I love this method because it grows your group AND your email list at the same time! Once people sign up to join, either have the link to the group in the first email they receive, or invite them to the group directly using their email address!

Trust me, your time is much better spent building a group vs a fan page. A group is more private and intimate, plus you actually get to interact with your potential clients directly. And isn't that what it's all about?

Until next time - Stay Savvy!

Chanel, The Savvy Business Belle, is a Business Success Strategist and Clarity Coach. She coaches FIERCE, freedom driven entrepreneurs who crave success in business AND in life.

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