London Underground: The City's Next Big Attraction? (VIDEO)

London's long empty Brompton Road subway stop is looking to get new life as Entrepreneur Ajit Chambers is hoping to buy the station from England’s Ministry of Defense according to the BBC.

Chambers wants to build a rooftop restaurant, open up the empty corridors as a historical attraction and even turn the stations deep underground shafts into climbing walls.

London’s Tube is in constant flux, growing, receding and leaving behind unused stations that either become hideouts for James Bond or just sit empty.

After Brompton Road station closed in the 30s, it became a secret command center for Winston Churchill during WWII, a fact that makes the site interesting to history buffs eager to see where Churchill plotted England's defense and where Rudolf Hess was interrogated.

Brompton Road is just the first stop. Bloomberg reports that Chambers has raised $310 million and may try to go on a disused station buying spree, converting as many as 26 former stations into attractions or restaurants.

Chambers met on Wednesday with London Mayor Boris Johnson to discuss the plan. The former banker is hoping to have the Brompton Road site open in time for the 2012 Olympics.