Are GMOs Really That Bad?

Are GMOs Really That Bad?

You've probably seen food products boast GMO-free on their packaging and you've likely listened to someone talk about genetically modified corn. But do you really know why genetically modified organisms get so much hate?

In truth, most experts will argue that GMOs aren't all bad. As Hank Green explains in SciShow's video above, some plants are genetically modified simply for human benefit; the process has helped to feed the hungry and to amplify a crop's resistance to insects and harsh weather conditions, making more food available for consumption.

GMOs are often scrutinized not for their makeup, but for the control their production gives to a select group of companies that put more emphasis on profit than human health (and that put the little guys -- like local farmers -- out of work). With the ability to alter crops' genes, these companies can sell produce that can withstand trauma for a lower cost. Even still, as Green explains, "There has been zero indication that genetically modified food poses a danger to human health." For now, the war against GMOs has more basis in economics and democracy than it does in physical health.

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