Are Humans At An Evolutionary JUMP Point?

Some scientists say that Darwin's greatest insight of all time, is - that life on Earth evolves by natural selection. In today's IDEA Economy we no longer have to fear the saber tooth tiger. Is the biggest challenge facing the world today the need to reduce & reverse the impacts caused by climate change?

In terms of climate change, todays 's "target" has a million faces, requiring millions of solutions. Look in the mirror to see one. How flexible are we humans? What is our response and recovery rate in times of GREAT stress?

Today's new world requires a whole new way of thinking, and a whole new kind of leadership based on cooperative, collaborative, incremental actions, taken sustainably over time. Does this leadership ability include the ability to manage high levels of complexity, simultaneously?

With natural selection and the survival of life on Earth in mind, I think Darwin would agree: When the going gets tough, the female brain turns on. Research done on TOP GUN male and female military pilots reveals: The skills needed to manage high levels of complexity in stressful times is hardwired in the female brain. At an aviation event in Zhuhai, China, female fighter pilots - part of an Aerobatic Team of the Chinese Army - show how it's done.