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Are Republican Right Wingers Homeland Security Threats?

The Republican right-wingers are dangerous. They should be considered homeland and homegrown security threats and we are their targets.
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Well, well, I've seen poor losers before, as have we all. But these Republicans have been poor losers since President Obama took office and now that their strategy of being the "party of NO" has failed to serve them so far as sinking the Health Care Bill, just look at their behavior. However, they've now gone beyond their trademark of "poor losers" to the status of national security threats and homeland terrorists. For all of their screaming and bullying and noise making in the Senate and House during this past year in their efforts to sabotage the Health Care Bill along with anything from the Obama administration, we would now be more than foolish to misinterpret what's really taking place in front of our eyes: These clever but cowardly Republicans have given the green light to their minions to attack their fellow countrymen who voted in favor of Heath Care Reform in retaliation for their inability to defeat this bill.

These Republicans have, in essence, raised a call to arms against their own countrymen and women during a time when this country continues to fight a war started by Republicans for bogus reasons, a fact which we must never forget. Representative Michele Bachman from Minnesota screamed to her constituents recently, "I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous ... Having a revolution every now and then is a good thing."

Representative Steve King yelled, "Let's beat that other side to a pulp! Let's take them out. Let's chase them down."

And then there's one of my favorite carnival barkers, Congressman John Boehner, "Take Steve Dryads, for example. He may be a dead man." Ah, yes. Now, how does one go from being a live man to a dead man, Congressman Boehner? Are you hinting that you or one of your cohorts are arranging for a hit man to show up at his door? Is that what you're saying here? Are you telling those of us who don't knuckle under that death threats are what we can expect from Republicans? Apparently.

Let's just consider what the Bush/Cheney administration would do to Democrats or "liberals" who tossed a few bricks into the office windows of Republican congressmen, for example. They would be arrested and labeled as "terrorists", no doubt about it. Anyone uttering threats to a congressman or woman would be immediately and without mercy tracked down like a fox on a hunt. And who knows where the poor fox would end up, if you know what I'm referring to by that comment. (Remember those concentration camps the Bush/Cheney administration set up overseas for torture in Poland and a few other countries?) And can you even imagine what would happen to a liberal (or any astute American) who tossed out a comment to, oh, say, Rove, such as, "Hey, appreciate your shredding the Constitution. Good job, there. Only thing you did well." Hum ... My guess is that person would end up with a hood over his or her head and never be seen or heard from again. I could be wrong but my memories of the Bush/Cheney love of torture, threats, bullying, lies, and negotiating the law are still all too clear. I live in fear and dread that these monsters will regain control of the White House - a nightmare that just does not stop replaying itself in my dreams. I call it "post traumatic Bush/Cheney Syndrome" and I see symptoms of this syndrome active in many people throughout the country. People are still afraid to speak out, lest they find themselves arrested for being anti-patriotic.

Continuing, I wonder what would happen to someone like that coward who accidently cut the wrong gas line? He was aiming for Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello's house but ended up at the congressman's brother's house instead. That guy must feel like such a silly goose, going to the wrong house and all. I mean cutting a gas line is like "Vandalism 101" and he blew it. It's obvious what happened, though. This guy has the same sharp memory as Palin, only unlike Palin, he forgot to scribble the correct information on his hand. Next time you want to vandalize someone's home, buddy, use lipstick to write down what you need to remember. Pigs love lipstick. I think that's how the saying goes, isn't it? Well, whatever.

The recent visitation of a busload of Tea Party Brown Shirts to Senator Harry Reid's home state of Nevada, threatening to oust him in the next election, revealed a crowd of angry, raging people on the verge of a fight. All they needed was a lighted match - the right or wrong word said by an opponent and all hell would have broken out. Apparently these Tea Party Brown Shirts are traveling across the country, taking their rage state-to-state, led by Court Fool Palin - or is she now a Reality Talk Show Host? (I can't keep up with all her avenues to fame and fortune, but it's obvious she'll use anything and everything to keep her face in the camera.)

Here's the bottom line, folks: The Republican right-wingers are dangerous. They should be considered homeland and homegrown security threats and we - those of us who live and vote on the other side of the aisle - are their targets. How do I know if one of these gun-toting hysterics won't let loose and "shoot to kill", following the orders of their leader, Sarah Palin? And, if Palin's too busy because of her upcoming Reality television series, I can easily imagine Michele Bachmann or John Boehner giving a "shoot to kill" command to their Tea Party followers.

Think about it - do you really feel safe in Michele Bachman's state of Minnesota any more? I'm not sure we should assume we're safe anymore at all in our own country. You better check your car bumper stickers to make certain you don't have one that reveals that you voted for Obama. After all, Bachman's encouraging her constituency to become "armed and dangerous" Americans. Last time I checked, Minnesota was not a state full of Al Qaeda terrorists, which means if armed and dangerous Minnesota folks are in the mood to go target hunting, people like you and me are in big trouble.

I have to laugh when Democrats tell their Republican counterparts to tell these right wing upstarts that they need "adult supervision" in order to quell this behavior. Adult supervision? These people need a lot more than adult supervision. These people need to be arrested - Bush style. You Republicans right-wingers love the Republicans? Try being on the receiving end of Republican justice and see how much you love your Republican Party then. Oh, and here's a solution to your angst with the Health Care Reform Bill: You tell your insurance company about all your pre-existing conditions that would have previously disqualified you from health care insurance and STAY disqualified. And keep your kids off your health care plan once they turn age-21. Adult supervision - honestly. You're assuming these Brown Shirt Tea Party hysterics are lucid, educated adults! You forget - lucid, educated adults are exactly what the Republican Party finds most threatening, which is why Republicans love the "No Child Left Behind" program. Their intention is to dumb down Americans for the sake of control - and that is no joke, people.

As if all of this brutality we are witnessing across our nation and within the Houses of government is not a horror show in and of itself, the greater truth is that what we are viewing is the authentic underbelly of the Republican Party. Lies, deceitful propaganda (remember death panels?), endless spin devised to contaminate the public mind and continually chip away at public and higher education, and use of brutality and homeland terrorism - this is the true Republican Party. This is a party who loathes the middle class much less the lower middle class and seeks to wage war legally on all Americans that they consider to be free thinkers or free loaders - "free" being the operative word. What we are looking at as we view their constant verbal and now rising physical attacks on anyone they view as an opponent/enemy is just a preview of what these people intend to do to all good Americans - Americans who believe in the rights of this nation and how this government should and must work. Should the Republicans get back into the White House (God forbid) or get control of the House and Senate again, they will initiate legislation to limit the rights of the individuals. Any and all individual rights stand in opposition to the Republican corporate creed. Just review the legislative history of the Bush/Cheney administration and then reflect upon the short and long-range consequences of the recent Supreme Court ruling that gives corporations the right to back candidates with endless financial resources. If that is not a Republican coup, what is?

If ever there was a reason to rally support around this administration to ensure it stays in office for two terms, it's not only because President Obama is a visionary saddled with cleaning up the mess of a post-Fascist administration, but you are now witnessing the true Republican creed in action: When they don't get their way, they get violent. They believe in the use of threats and they order their constituents to "shoot 'em between the eyes".

Here's a warning to all freethinking Americans: You Could Be The Next Republican Target. After all, this is the party that introduced homeland spying, the Patriot Act, and the end to all personal privacy. Given those achievements, it's not all that far-fetched that they would incite another Civil War, is it?

Correction: In the previous version of this piece, I misrepresented a satirical quote as attributable to former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. Palin was not the originator of that quote, which has been removed. My apologies to my readers for this error.