Are Republicans An Endangered Species?

Are Republicans An Endangered Species?
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After years of poaching by a radical ‘basket of deplorables,’ with an increasing appetite for fear mongering and obstructionism, it appears the ‘elephants in the room’ are now devouring themselves.

Who Eats Who?

As the Great Red Elephant trumpets off into the jungle, feeding on his own ego after biting the hands that originally fed him, what happens to the herd? Most will probably stay on their old familiar line, while a radical right segment blindly follows the ‘call of the wild.’


In practical terms, I’m guessing that following the election, Trump, Ailes, and Bannon, may well splinter off to form a separate political, media and cultural entity. Perhaps reviving The American Party of 1969 George Wallace as The New American Party, dedicated to ‘making America great again.’ The Breitbart News Network could be acquired or rebranded and expanded to become The New America News Network. Steve Bannon to run the online division, Roger Ailes as CEO of mainstream media, and Trump in charge of real estate acquisitions and entertainment.

What Happens To The Old Elephants?

The diminished herd of Christian conservatives and old -line Republicans will remain on the beaten down path of the past with bulls like Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mike Pence and Jeb Bush jockeying for position in the pack. The strength of the herd, depending on the number of defectors, with the remaining die-hards financially fed and maintained by the Koch Brothers and like-minded conservative preservationists.

The Other Animals?

On the other side of the road, the jack-asses will continue to bump into each other trying to figure out how far left or right to go, to avoid predators like ‘wild boar’ Putin, the roaming pack of ISIS hyenas, or the gradual defoliation of the jungle by corporate entities and monstrous banks swallowing everything whole.

The Road Forward

As the animals try to move forward, once again the jack-asses and the elephants will collide. Up until now, blocking the road, the elephant herd has been too big for the donkeys to get around. After the election, whether there will still be enough elephants to stop any movement has yet to be determined. But no matter what happens, the press monkeys in the trees will be mindlessly screeching.

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