Are Slogans Really Visions? And are Visions a Plan That Works?

Slogans don't work. Does America really "Run On Dunkin'?" Have you tried it, and found yourself just as sedentary as always? Does opening a Coke really help you find happiness? Try that after being fired and see if it works.

These examples are no more silly than "Let's Make America Great Again" or "Together we can." I wonder if we are so accustomed to slogans like these that we forget they aren't actually substitutes for reality. You would think by now we would all recognize slogans are empty phrases.

​If a criticism of Hillary is that she deals with the nitty gritty details, I am for her. Nothing happens through magic words. Change happens through hard work. Reality is grounded in the minutiae of everyday life. Ask any parent. ​They may have a great vision of the wonderful adults their kids will be but, in the meantime, the parents have to put food on the table three times a day plus snacks, keep a roof overhead and clothes clean, and answer endless questions, day after day after day. Are those unnecessary details? No.

Hillary has a vision and not a slogan. "Despite what you hear, we don't need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great. But we do need to make America whole again, instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers," she said after her huge victory in South Carolina.

Being whole again means making America work for all Americans, regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation. It means all Americans having safe water to drink, having access to medical care, and a chance to succeed. It means equal pay for equal work. That is her vision. It is clear as a bell, if we want to hear it. But do we? Is a soundbite more exciting? Maybe, but it doesn't solve any problems.

Hillary backs up her vision with suggestions for action. As a recent campaign email read:

It's time to act on raising wages and reforming our immigration system. It's time to change our gun laws and make education more affordable for our children. It's time to make sure that all people are an equal part of our political process and our communities, regardless of your gender, race, or who you love.

Her vision is clear and her plans to get there are too. Are we not hearing Hillary because it's too much work to understand the complexities? Or, that we are conditioned to expect instant gratification and so used to 140 character Tweets that we get bored with a full paragraph. There is no magical solution to America's problems that can be summed up in a simple phrase. No one has invented the app for that yet.

​Hillary is accused of presenting solutions with no visions. In order to get some place, we need to know where we are going. Solutions ARE visions. Hillary gives us a road map. Let's get on that road and start working to improve America.

​The problem isn't that she doesn't have a vision, it's that there are some people who cannot or or are not willing to hear her. Hillary has proven she can take an idea and put it into practice. I for one am grateful that she is showing me how and that she is willing to do the hard work to help us reform America.