Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?

I was reading the other day about how cell phones are now being considered obsolete. The article went on to explain that cell phones are being replaced by smartphones. More and more people are buying smartphones because they can surf the web, text message, watch television and video highlights, as well as many other functions beyond the capability of regular cell phones.

I believe that most people are buying smartphones so that they can basically spend all day every day being what I call "iTards." I think smartphones are actually making people less smart (and, dare I say, stupid!). I really do.

So many people are completely consumed and obsessed with their phone. Have you ever been in a bar and observed how many people sit there on their phone texting someone who's not there? Gee, that sounds like a really fun night out! That must be some interesting conversation going on at your table.

Do you ever notice all the people walking the aisles at the supermarket who are constantly checking their phone and answering emails while they shop? They grab an item, then check their email, then grab an item then check their email. Is your email so important that you need to be checking it 24/7?

I've even seen people out on dates who are checking or typing something on their phones. They have to give their friends the "play-by-play" of how the date is going. "Hey. Date's not so good. Do you know why? Because I'm so obsessed with my smartphone!"

I really and truly believe that these smartphones should be nicknamed "stupidphones," because they're just making us dumb. We have become dumb. We're like little children who constantly need stimulation.

Robin Williams said it best years ago when he said that giving his kids Nintendo was like giving them the ultimate cocaine. Of course, he would know about that since he was addicted to cocaine all those years.

We have really become an addicted society though. As I sat in the airport recently, I watched people texting on their smartphones, emailing on their smartphones and even watching television on their smartphones.

Come on folks. What happened to the art of conversation between two people? Do we constantly need to be stimulated by our phones? It's ridiculous.

Technology is great up to a certain point, but I think technology is making us dumb as a society. Why? We no longer pay attention to what's going on around us, because all we are is consumed with our so-called smartphone. The more people get these, the more people become addicted to them, and the less social interaction people have (and learn how to have).

So drop your smartphone. Leave it at home.

When you go out on a date, go out on a date with an actual person. You don't need to be texting or sending video updates to people via your smartphone.

When you're out with friends, I want you to really be with your friends. I want you to pay attention to them, enjoy their company and stop giving updates about what's going on to people who aren't there.

Get with it folks! Start interacting more with each other, and less and with our new best friend -- the smartphone.