Are The "Best Matchmakers for Men" Worth Your Money? 5 Reasons You Should Strongly Reconsider

Are The "Best Matchmakers for Men" Worth Your Money? 5 Reasons You Should Strongly Reconsider
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You’re driven. You’re successful. You have it completely together. And yet, you just can’t seem to put together a successful dating life.

This is a common problem that many successful men face. By the time you finish your work day and other obligations, there just isn’t any time for meeting women.

You may have thought about seeking out the “best matchmakers for men” to assist you in the process. But the question is, are these matchmakers worth your money?

Unfortunately, I would have to respond to that question with an emphatic no. After helping online daters for nearly a decade to find success, here are just a few reasons why I highly recommend you steer completely clear of matchmakers for men.

* The following claims are based on my personal interactions and opinions after speaking with a multitude of clients and matchmakers over the years.

1. The money is outrageous

The “best matchmakers for men” will charge $10,000 or more. Even worse, most will only provide you with 3-6 dates over the course of 6 months. That’s several thousand dollars a date! Not exactly the best investment.

Even worse, most matchmakers don’t actually have set membership fees. They gage how much they could squeeze out of you before providing you with a price, taking full advantage of your success and desire to find love.

2. They will say anything to get you to sign up

Make no mistake, you will be showed countless pictures of female “clients” that you will be set up with and promised whatever you want. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’10, and 15 years younger? Sure, no problem. Just hand over that credit card!

Once you have made your non-refundable payment, those women suddenly won’t be available and you will find yourself endlessly waiting for your matchmaker to deliver on false promises.

3. Many of your dates will not be fellow clients

Since even the best matchmakers have trouble finding the type of women you paid to meet, they often send staff members to recruit dates from local establishments or online dating sites.

You might not think that’s a big deal if the women are beautiful and successful, but here’s the problem; you are sitting across from someone who knows you paid thousands of dollars for a membership.

Not only do they have zero financial incentive to care, but knowing that you paid to find love will distort how they view you.

4. Even the best matchmakers are known to hire ringers

Over the years I’ve had multiple matchmakers confess that the agencies they work for often hire women to go on dates with their clients when they can’t find them dates.

This is a low move, especially considering how much their clients are paying, but it’s how they keep them quiet when they start complaining about the service.

5. Matchmakers just don’t mix with the modern world

When you really think about the world we live in, what role do matchmakers really play in forming relationships? I sure know that I’ve never known anybody who found a relationship this way. And I’m pretty sure none of my friends do either.

The reality is, traditional matchmaking is an outdated medium that doesn’t have much place in today’s technology driven world. Whether you like it or not, all the quality singles these days are on online dating sites, which will be your best chance at finding love.

So what is the best option if matchmakers don’t work?

Joshua Pompey is an online dating expert, and founder of Next Evolution Matchmaking, where he merges traditional matchmaking with online dating to create a matchmaking experience that is highly effective. Click here to learn more about this service.

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